Letter to the Parents of our Students

Dear Parents,

InternshipDesk is committed to ensuring every student has a safe and enjoyable internship experience.  There are many reasons for your child to intern abroad with our company:

Competitive  Edge:
The thing I would stress the most, when considering an International Internship for your child, is the fact that you'll probably spend somewhere between $50 and $100k on their education.  Only, we seldom think about practical experience as an integral part of that education that will ultimately help them be successful in life and their careers.  Allocating 5 or 10% of that tuition bill to an internship abroad will probably be the single most important resume builder you could want for your child.  EXPERIENCE is what employers want to see. What have you done outside of the classroom that relates to your chosen field?
When I graduated from college with a degree in Business, the single item on my resume that stopped potential employers in their tracks during my interviews and ALWAYS elicited a question or comment was my study abroad experience and Marketing Internship in Germany.  It coupled all of the elements of my degree in one fell swoop:  Business + International + Language Skills.  I was a marketing assistant (Business) in Germany (International) and the entire internship required me to use my German (Foreign language) skills working for a multinational company.
You are also giving them a skill that fewer than 2% of the college population has:  An international work experience.
Yes, current statistics show that less than 2% of students study abroad.  And even fewer, INTERN ABROAD! So, ultimately you're giving them a skill that will last them a lifetime and show potential employers that your child is the 'cream of the crop.'

I know very well, that this is not a cheap program.  Neither is a college education.  Most of our fees are going towards housing for your child.  Furnish housing, in a major city, for two months in the summer during high tourist season, doesn't come cheap.  Security comes at a cost as well and we house all students in corporate housing at the highest of western standards.  The remainder of the costs are for programming, activities, and top tier management that enable us to coordinate superior internship programs.

We are always looking into ways to finance the program fees and we are soon to launch a credit line program whereby a credit line can be applied for and where payments can be made.  This is dependent on your credit availability as is similar to applying for a credit card.  We do offer payment plans in certain circumstances that are simply an agreement to pay us over time.  Each plan is customized to each student.  Usually, the housing portion of the program fee is something that we need to pay up front but where we can help you pay over time, we will.

In every city where we place a student we have staff who are assigned a 24/7 task of safety and supervision of your child.  That is our primary responsibility and each intern is given an emergency number to call if they find they need to reach us for some reason.

All housing has been vetted personally by our staff and is chosen for its central proximity, high quality, safety, and amenities.

Please don't hesitate to contact me personally if you wish to discuss anything about the programs.


Craig Piatti
CEO, InternshipDesk
Tel: 312.577.7632
Email: cpiatti@internshipdesk.com