"This is the best investment I ever made! This opportunity set me apart from the pack, it opened my eyes to what it takes to succeed in growing markets, it helped me grow and understand what I wanted to become, it inspired me to want more from a job than a paycheck, it.... The list goes on forever. This will be the most valuable speaking point of your college career and I would not change it for anything."

Stephan Nicklow
Summer 2008 Paricipant
 Manager at The London Mint

"InternshipDesk's professionalism and passion for their internship programs is second to none. My time spent abroad was one of the best experiences of my life and InternshipDesk was a major part of making it happen. Not only did they always go the extra mile in making sure the transition into the local culture was smooth, but continue to be a source of valuable career advice. If you have any interest in International Business, InternshipDesk is the company to contact."

Gene Feichtner
Summer 2009Paricipant
Graduate of Indiana Univeristy, Kelley School of Business & CPA
Healthcare Consultant at Crowe Horwath LLP

"InternshipDesk did an excellent job in finding and executing on exactly what I was looking for out of my internship abroad. They took a hands on approach and put the needs of others as a first priority. Whenever we had a problem InternshipDesk was always there with open arms doing whatever they could do to make the situation better. Their hard work, determination, and enthusiasm make them great at what they do."

Alexander Leitzes
Summer 2010 Participant

"Being an Indian student, studying in the US, and having an opportunity to do an internship in China was absolutely a great opportunity. Having experienced so many different cultures and customs at such an early age really gave me a wide outlook of the world and it really shows in my personality.  The best thing about this is that I'm still in contact with the people I worked with and i'm pretty sure thus will help me in the future."

Akshay Gupta
Summer 2010 Participant